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The Writer's Block

Dreams do come true guys! I have always wanted to be a presenter on tv and radio and now I have my own show. I have a big mouth and it's not just songs and poetry and raps that come out of it haha! I have been given my own show which I have named "The Writer's Block" on premier gospel! I am quite happy about that! I am thankful to God for the opportunity!

I was approached a while ago by Charmaine Noble-Mclean who works at Premier and she asked if I wanted to do a radio show and I was like YES! Now it has come to fruition! My 1st show airs on this Saturday August 25th on premier gospel which is avaialble worldwide digitally at and on DAB (digital radio) They even have an app that you can download for free on your iphone and ipads and all of that!

The show is just me playing music and chatting with writers of all kinds. I mean songwriters, poets, authors, singers, rappers, journalists, bloggers etc etc. I get to know the mind and heart behind the writers and their inspiration. I also just get to be crazy me on air talking about anything! I have been given a green light to speak my mind. I wonder if they know what they are in for? hahaha!


Jemstone said...

Hi Karl, I have listed to your show many Saturday nights whilst decorating cakes. I found it to be very interesting and encouraging as with all the shows on Premier Gospel.

You are right, dreams and the desires God has placed in our hearts do come true.
I am a member of The Peoples Christian Fellowship, under the leadership of Pastor David Daniel one of London's great gospel singers. also home to the family gospel group V9 collective.
One of reasons I find your show so encouraging is because I myself am an author. I just published my first book. Official launch is Tuesday 10th December. Excited, nervous but most of all completely at peace in God. My book God's Romantic Getaway is a personal testimony about me, my struggle with as a child of God with depression, my intense hunger for true intimacy with God as was experienced by men and women in the bible, the lengths I was will to go to fulfill that desire and the affects it is having on my life.

Thank you so much for offering new authors and artist's the exposure they need and I look forward to continued listening of your show.
I'm hoping to glean some of the confidence I hear in the voices of your interviewees as I prepare for my fist radio appearance on Premier Women s show on Dec 16th. I have also been asked to write an article for keeping the faith magazine and will be appearing on Ruach radio in the new year. I hope they make me feel as welcome as you make your interviewees feel
On December 13st 2012 God spoke to me and told my the end of December 3013 I would not regonsie my life and He was so right. The events of this year alone and the personal transformations in my life that have taken place with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, capped with the exposure my book seems to be already experiencing is truly ALL of God's doing and a fulfillment of His word to me years ago,
Keep up the great work you are doing a grand job

God bless Jemma

Karl Nova said...

wow I cant believe i am only just seeing this comment. I hope you see this reply. I am glad you enjoy the show! much love!

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