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It really feels weird blogging over here and I am still trying to get used to it. I more used to blogging on myspace and dropping notes on facebook where there is an immediate response. Here feels isolated and away from everything. Maybe that's a good thing. hmmmmmmm........

I have been doing a lot of gigging. I tell you I have been clocking up the miles. I have been to dorset, cheltenham, birmingham and obviously around good ole London. I'll be in Baltimore and D.C next month and I have some other dates in London. I need to be more organized because I don't remember my gigs until I have to actually be there! LOL!

I did a song the other day detailing my feelings about the "scene" I am from. (its free here:( I get weary and tired of the back and forth and that song simply says everything I have to say about that. The main thing I had to come to terms with was the fact that my heart had become too "involved" and I had become too "attached" to it all. I have to let go of it. It's kind of like how you might be going out with someone and realize that you are not meant to be together and then comes the time when you have to tell the person "I think we should just be friends" this is how it is for me and the music scene I'm from. I am still part of it, it is where I come from but I am just a friend now. I am not possessive of it like that because I am not married to it. I want a real person to be my wife not a musical scene you dig? LOL I am not going to be all protective and possessive of it like I own it on my own or something. I'm not taking things people say personal any more because my heart will not be personally involved in it anymore like that. I was taking things personal and getting all emosh about criticisms people throw at it. So now I have broken up with the scene and will remain a good friend. I am just another brother. lol. Very soon a limited Edition of my album "Just as I AM: The Prequel" will be available. It is still downloadable with my skanksgivin EP on itunes, amazon mp3 and at I am only going to make a certain amount of copies and it will be a collectors item. I feel like I have moved on from this work although there are some songs from that work I will probably do forever *he tells those singing "The Bridge" to keep their noise down*

A lot is going on in the world. We all see it on the news everyday. I don't think I need to bring up the various things going on. You need to keep your eyes open and interprete the signs of the times correctly while reading between the lines. I laugh at certain conspiracy theories. I laugh at certain videos that "expose" certain secrets. Many of these things are merely decoys and distractions from what is REALLY going on. I try to not get caught up in the latest conspirational hype. One needs to be quiet and ask for truth to be revealed in their hearts if not you will always be caught up in the next hype and wind of cyber chatter. Trust me there are many people out there who will love to possess your mind with their opinion for THEIR agenda if you don't seek the truth for yourself.

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