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Are you feeding your faith and starving your fears or are you feeding your fears and starving your faith?

For a few days I have been thinking very deeply. Ok so what else is new? That is my normal state of mind, I know I come off to many as that cheeky joker but I am a deep thinker. My mama used to always be like “karl iri deep o” (Ok she mixes igbo with English when she says that but what she means is “Karl you are deep” but I digress)

So what’s been on my mind lately? It’s been the current obsession folks have with the mythical “illuminati” who supposedly secretly run the world and seek to use mind control through the media. Whether this is true or not isn’t my issue here. There are those who have spent more time delving into this than myself. I know you probably check their websites and watch their YouTube vids on the regular. :-D

It is a fact that the world’s wealth are in the hands of few, it is true that power struggles are occurring all the time. It is a fact that the we live in a media dominated world and many are just sheep following blindly and easily influenced by the dominant trend of ideas, finding it easier to go with popular opinion. It is true that many would prefer to conform than to stand out and be themselves. These facts are pretty obvious BUT sadly another trend that people have blindly bought into is this Dan Brown style conspiracy theory trend.

We live in the internet age and anyone can put out any kind of information and state their opinion. This is going to increase and continue. This overload of information is going to be even more crazy as time goes on. This is the time one has to be even more critical in their thinking and not just believe everything because it sounds convincing because using technology, anyone can make anything sound convincing, certain former disciples of an Elder G Craige Lewis are kicking themselves because they know what I’m saying is true (LOL!) not that I’m saying the homie didn’t have valid points in his DVDs (if you don’t know who he is don’t worry) The point is you can’t just believe everything you see or hear and you can’t just read your own meaning into things and think that it is the truth or fact, no it is your INTERPRETATION of things but not necessarily the truth. Sometimes the sad truth is you need to get over yourself (myself included OUCH! This is a hard truth to take)

Ok so let’s say for example you find out with solid evidence Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Rihanna are part of this secret society then what? Let’s say you find out Jay Z is a devil worshipper beyond all reasonable doubt (hehe) then what? Of what use is that information to you? Some people will say “you need to be aware! We are in the END TIMES, they are subliminally controlling you (really? To do what? You got the wrong dude because I am not the one) and also they’ll say [insert any religious speak here where they’re trying to put the fear of evil into you]”

This is the bottom line for me. Is all this information feeding your fear or feeding your faith? Most of this information just reflects the fear people carry in their hearts. Most of this information is useless speculation and not fact, it is just someone’s opinion and not something proved with real evidence. In a strange way also it could possibly reflect envy too (I say possibly with great emphasis) because for some the only reason why any person can be famous and rich is by “selling their souls to the devil” I think sometimes people just say these things because they are not successful themselves in that way and wish they were.

Remember when you were a kid and you were scared of the dark? Remember when you were told there is a monster in the closet or under your bed and there wasn’t any such thing there? Probably these type of fear inducing conspiracies are in the same category. Fear is a great way to control folks and keep them in their “place”.

Now if you’re one who has jumped on this bandwagon blindly and are just following the rest of the sheeple, can I advise you to jump off this bandwagon because it is taking you nowhere except down Conspiracy Avenue which is off Speculation St and only leads to Fear Valley which is a dead end.

When all is said and done the question I have is “are you feeding your fears and starving your faith or are you feeding your faith and starving your fears?”

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lanre said...

it all points back to the old lie that if you are wealthy, it has to be the devil giving you that wealth. Now From reading this I find that it may be rooted in jealousy. When people are frustrated with their own lives, they tend to take it out on those who seem to be suceeding where they are failing.

Anonymous said...

Most of the people who feed into this thing tend to be Christians. I sometimes think that these particular Christians are afraid that many people are losing their faith in God Jesus Christ. They therefore decide to feed into this hype to put people off and turn them back to Christ. I do not approve of this method whatsoever. You cannot use fear to turn someone to Christ, it boils down to genuine love and faith for Christ, if you want it to last. Personally, i am so over these conspiracy theories and videos. If they are not stating the obvious and twisting it into their twisted way of thinking, they are trying to make everyone else look and sound stupid and less intelligent. That we have no minds of our own and cannot make good judgments. Who is mind controlling who? is my question. The videos or those who look for what is not there and make it there?

Anonymous said...

"Experience is, for me, the highest authority. The touchstone of validity is my own experience. No other person's ideas, and none of my own ideas, are as authoritative as my experience. It is to experience that I must return again and again, to discover a closer approximation to truth as it is in the process of becoming in me. Neither the Bible nor the prophets -- neither Freud nor research --neither the revelations of God nor man -- can take precedence over my own direct experience. My experience is not authoritative because it is infallible. It is the basis of authority because it can always be checked in new primary ways. In this way its frequent error or fallibility is always open to correction." --From On Becoming a Person, 1961 by Carl Rodgers

PS, i am a christian, i am not anti christian. I loved this quote and thought i would share it. I am not out to offend or disrespect anyone.

love Martha(anonymous)

Anonymous said...

hey Karl, do you think people say these things out of envy for not being successful, or out of just plain ignorance, ignorance which has been aided by these conspiracies and has in return made them blind? I think these conspiracies are dangerous that way. They encourage ignorance instead of encouraging independent thinking. I always feel that there is an agenda to these conspiracies which i have not yet figured out and to be honest i have given up trying to find out what their agenda is because i know the danger they cause. When they mix too many aspects that do not add up, i must say i don't buy into it. What worries me most are the youngies who buy into.

Karl Nova said...

Yes it's ignorance. Notice I said possibly envy, I laid emphasis on possibly, ignorance feeds the fear of the unknown.

Anonymous said...

When dealing with these conspiracy theories, it is important for people to focus on who is feeding you the conspiracies and why? That is where the problem lies and that is how i managed to jump off early from this bandwagon. These people are very aggressive, and do not allow any room for reasoning. Ask yourself why? Keep asking the questions and eventually you will discover that that they are as ignorant if not even worse off than you. They are not aware of reality, they live in the alleged future and not the present, they are lost creatures and misguided. How i love to hate these people but sympathise with their state of mind at the same time. What i see in them is something that i would not like to have or carry. They are slaves of these conspiracies and will never be free. The obsession with conspiracies has become a drug to them that nothing is what it is even it is what it is. They sound paranoid and want to get others in the state of paranoia. They are cold hearted with hardly an emotions. How can they have any emotions when they live in fear and are not happy with anything? How can the see anthing positive when they feed into the negative day in day out?

I do have a love and hate relationship with these people. The hate in me comes in when i know that whatever they are doing, they are aware that they are instilling fear in people and are aware that some people cannot handle it but continue to do it, in my books, that is the most hatefull thing anyone can ever do to another person. The love comes in when i see their lostness and i want to save them from themselves. I ask myself and all those out there, are these conspirators worth saving? Or should we concentrate on those who are being fed this garbage? I am talking about those who have taken it upon themselves to believe and spread this garbage in the name of turning people to christ and spreading the hate and planting it in people?

Karl nova, you can see i am not the biggest of conspiracies and their messengers, they inflame me/ send me to rage when they spread this garbage, and i know from my emotions and reactions that they are bad news. I do not have to look at their information to see how dangerous they are. All i have to do is look at the person spreading the garbage and there lies my answer.


Karl Nova said...

I totally feel you Martha.

Anonymous said...

martha is an idiot. i'm a conspiracy theorist but that doesn't keep me from being happy, successful, or non-christian. people think there is nothing they can do to stop corruption in the government and media. they ignore it because they don't want to be afraid. but we CAN stop it, and instead of being afraid, people can be glad. i'm not spreading hate. i'm sharing hope for a brighter future for america and for the world. i don't believe in the illuminati, but i do believe in their legacy. what they started is still going on today. by keeping everyone distracted with their celebrities, they infiltrate the government. i could sit and ramble on why i think these things are true, but it wouldn't do any good. i just wanted to give my two cents even though everyone here is going to see me as a paranoid failure, but i've "seen too much to lie"-matthew bellamy


Karl Nova said...

There is definitely a way you can stop the corruption in the world. The first thing is not being corrupt and not giving into fear or easily being distracted by media hype as well as the frenzy of fear that witch hunters stir up without bringing real facts and evidence to the table.

This blog just focused on the fact that a lot of people feed into the fear and speculation and take as fact that which hasn't been proved. I just feel people need to research better, be more critical in their thinking and question everything.

however I do know there are a lot of things going on in this world. There are those at the top, the elite who have their agenda. I think folks need to be aware of that instead of being distracted by pointless speculation. This goes way beyond the entertainment industry.

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