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If it was left to me

If it was left to me.

I would have nothing to do with

issues of the heart

questions of faith and fate

deep conversations that almost leave me

drowned in an ocean of emotion

If it was left to me

I would not be

born at all

thrown into the midst of a drama

that was being acted out


before I came

If it was left to me

I would rather be

all alone


so that I would not infect

anyone with my brokeness

I would gladly chose loneliness

and maybe blindness

in case the virus was hidden in my Iris

and I have a look

that can kill

If it was left to me

I would choose Ignorance

they say it is bliss

but knowledge and wisdom

has kissed

my mind

now I have understanding

which brings pain

as well as gain

But it isn't left to me

there is no turning back

I am here

in the midst of life's drama

and I must tread the boards

even though sometimes

I act the fool

and mess up my lines

and miss my cues

I am part of something bigger

It isn't left to me

and I am not



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Anonymous said...

Awesome, love it!

"I am part of something bigger"
That line right there brought it home for me.

Thanks for sharing,


Anonymous said...

First off, that Poem is so on point and like Tee said, awesome.

Today at work some scottish colleague was talking about how the asian community and black community seem to reach out for each other and seem to have a sense of community. And was saying that they lost their sense of community, and she was asking whether it is because we are in a foreign land that we seemed to have it.

Do we?

'I am part of something bigger

It isn't left to me

and I am not



Those words are ringing in my ears now and wondering whether she made an excellent observation or just an illusion. Just a thought.

Where you at Tee?


Anonymous said...

Hi Martha,

Right here sis...
As for your co-worker, I don't think she was too far off the mark.
I think our sense of community still exists, it's just not as pronounced as it once was. When speaking with my parents they describe a community that wasn't as fragmented as it is now because given the socio-political environment of the 50's/60's/70's etc, everyone was basically in the same boat and on the same page (with a few exceptions of course)and therefore looked out for each other more. But now we seem to have more single minded peeps who focus on self instead of looking out for the whole. There are many factors I think that have contributed to that state of mind, money being right at the top.
How is it (sense of community) where you are?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tee,

Thanks sis,

Hahaha.. you know i always have stories. Let us see how this turns out. When i first came to scotland, i could hardly see black people on streets, and most of them were centred in particular places. Things are changing of course now and have changed. The sense of community is and was there. But there were times when i wondered what the point of all of it was. But i think in scotland it is mainly because many seem to feel as foreigners and outsiders(although i must say generally scottish people can be friendly),therefore they tend to want to keep that community incase of any problems or when they want to celebrate something or in churches. It is mainly having somewhere to fall back incase, if you know what i mean.

I guess it still comes down to people having their problems and money being at the centre of it and you know how every penny counts to some people. So sometimes even the friendships are kind of superficial. There are all sorts of reasons that seem to loosen the community spirit rather than tighten it. But overall i think the church community is stronger and it seems to be what most people prefer to be in and feel abit more secure in. Ofcourse it has its problems but still most prefered and stronger.

I think the community spirit seems to be forced and a necessity than natural. I wonder whether it would be different if they had a But i think with the cultural differences and all, there seems to be no choice.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply,

Not surprised about what you said about the church as it's always seems to be a staple of the community regardless of where we are.


Anonymous said...

I feel you on these lyrics Karlitooo

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