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Epiphany In a Club

I had never stepped into a club ever. I mean I was a church boy so I had no business being there right? Also the clubs in Nigeria were so gangster that it wouldn't be very safe to go up in there unless you were rolling deep with people who could keep you covered.

There was a club on my street in Lagos, Nigeria called The Dome that had moved in and it brought all kinds craziness to our peaceful street. I once went outside to get some fresh air at night when the club was jamming only to almost bump into the voluptuous booty of someone I realized was a working girl. She had opened up shop right in front of my house along with other hookers that were pitching themselves to men who were pulling up to the club. (The club closed down when there was a shooting there and also a fire has since destroyed the place where it was, true stories!)

Anyway fast forward into the future and here I am in London in my 1st year of University. Part of your welcome as a fresher was a party held in a club so I had to go even if I didn't want to. I got in the club and it felt like a fish being put in the water for the 1st time! WOW! this was my natural habitat alright. You see I am the "Life of the party" type person even though I might come across as deep and reflective! LOL! I went crazy!

After one hit of clubbing, I became a party animal always up in there for more with my boys. I mean sometimes you get a DJ who seems to get into the hidden playlist in your heart and mind and plays all the songs you love! WOW! Apart from that, you find the lovely honeys who get loose on the dancefloor and know how to wind and grind and flex like they have no joints or something. I quickly learnt to get into female sandwiches. I was so lovin' it. I mean some ladies in clubs are WILD! I was once just trying to get my dance on and this young lady from nowhere just came and backed me up on the wall like WHOA! I mean she was pretty young too maybe like 19 so it was quite shocking to me. I was so overwhelmed by the gusto she came with that I had to adjust before I could ride THAT wave as the skillful club surfer I was becoming! LOL!

There was one other time that some ladies of caucasian persuassion got me pressed up on the wall and I was like OK! y'all wanna fulfil your chocolate fantasies or something? Go ahead! LOL! hahhaha! As I was dancing outta that some Asian came through with such aggression that it must've been the craziest time I have ever had on the dancefloor. This was NOT normal and I discovered why. A guy who must've been her boyfriend came and grabbed her off me. I quickly clocked that they had just had a fight so I guess she was taking out her anger on the dancefloor and getting back at him using ME as her tool! I guess that is a kind of metaphor for how clubbing is escapism. It's either that or I am getting too deep on y'all again!

There was this OTHER time in a club that was PACKED to the point that dancing was scaled down to almost eye twitches that I turned around and there was this thick lady who was ON ME LIKE WHOA! She was BIG BONEDED! hahah! she could MOVE too. I mean this girl lifted her leg in the air like ballet even though the place was packed! Another time I flipped around and there was this African American lady who was very light in complexion who said to me with a very strong southern twang "boy how you like my ghetto booty?" I have to be real with you, this girl WAS FINE! I was like, "well I'm about to find out right?" Yep that was me always quick with the corny lines! LOL! It was all fun at the time.

I would club on saturday and come and get my praise on Sunday morning in church and it became normal. I guess it was the novelty of the experience that kept me coming back. There was a student Christian fellowship on campus that I used to attend and because I could sing they made me lead praise and worship. They also knew that I went clubbing and some of them dissapproved but did it stop me? HELL NO! I was lovin' it. I mean some people need to get high on something to have a good time but me? Nope! The THOUGHT of getting my grove on sent me into cloud nine faster than crack ever could! *he pauses on the word crack chuckles to himself then moves on*

There was one time some girl challenged me to a drink contest and we went at it. We were drinking some strong liquor that had gold flakes in it and she knocked back 12 shots like she was sipping water. I was like "that aint nothing" I knocked back 7 shots and the world started spinning. We then went clubbing and I ended up snogging this girl who I had this drinking competition with, who I DIDN'T even like because I was tipsy! LOL! When we left the club it's as if the spell broke because we boys developed a maxim that says "whatever happens in the club stays in the club" so trying to meet a lady and get into something real in a club situation was dumb as far as we were concerned back then!

You can guess what happened right? The say anything that is new can get old and one so one day in a club I had some kind of strange epiphany. I was tired of getting loose on the floor and I went to have a seat. This DJ spinning was wack because he started playing some trance/techno music and it wasn't doing anything for me. I then looked across the floor and saw all the people there getting loose and it just looked like the same old crowd. It then hit me that everyone was just seeking an escape. It kinda struck me how empty it was. It kinda hit me that I WAS SEEKING ESCAPE too. The whole scene could even be substituted to any kind of place people are whipped into a frenzy and lose their minds. I mean it didn't look too different from church down there in some ways. In church people seek escape too. There is nothing wrong with getting your praise on OR your dance on either but I had to face the fact that maybe I was just trying to escape from something. This is where the lines from a poem I wrote called "Escapin' from escapism" came from:

We all want to be free, but isn't it amazing

How escaping through escapism leads you to seek

escape from escapism

it becomes another prison you seek to escape from

some seek escape in the club getting their groove on

some seek escape in the church getting their praise on

i've tried both and this is my conclusion

they can both be the same thing with Gods exclusion

After that the novelty kinda died. I still went clubbing in fact I even performed in clubs a couple of times and some bars too but the whole fervour I had (which was probably because it was a novel experience to me) kinda went.

Am I saying that clubbing is wrong? not at all, I'm not here to tell anyone that, that is NOT my job! there are some people who would wish I would come out and say this is right and that is wrong well my name aint Moses and I don't have commandments besides I am not under the law. The epiphany I had didn't tell me to stop clubbing either it just showed me reality and how things were, from there you grow and as a natural process of life happens, you just mature. Some things don't mean as much as they meant to you at some point in your life and I guess that happened to me.

I still get my dance on, anywhere I feel like it. Sometimes no music is needed

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