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Delayed But Not Denied: Album update (release date, tracklisting, album artwork and teaser video)

So I will get straight to the point. According to what I am being told by the "powers that be" "Delayed But Not Denied" will be finally out digitally on my birthday September 13th which is in a few days time. I should be happy right? Well I am and at the same time I am not. I had requested it to be pushed back to September 30th so that I can have enough time to let you and the world know. I mean that is the proper way to present an album right? You are meant to promote and do a run up WAY before it is out right? Well my request was turned down and I don't know why.

I have been made to feel this album isn't MY album. I was even told that. I feel like i am starring in someone else's movie even though my name is on this, I have been made to feel that I don't have much of a say in this. It is sad when the business side of music overtakes the artistic side, it is sad when the business side of things doesn't seem that concerned with the message talkless of the heart and soul of the messenger. Shouldn't it be about the artistic vision of the artist or maybe I am being too idealistic? but I digress.

Why am I am opening up to say this? Well I feel sometimes people who enjoy music that artists create have no idea about the "behind the scenes" struggle that happens in order to create the music you legally or illegally download. I don't mind opening up to let you into the struggle behind the music. It is hard. I wouldn't advise anyone to get into the music business unless you feel a sense of calling, besides unless you really have drive apart from talent, you won't last anyway and even all that doesn't guarantee anything, well my life is in God's hands. May God above determine my outcome.

Work on this album started in March 2010 and it is only coming out in September 2012. This has been due to many reasons including limited resources, lack of proper time management, poor communication, misunderstandings and so many other things. I am not pointing the finger and blaming anyone for anything, some things are just beyond our control. I am not saying I didn't have my part to play in this but I can say for the most part I did what I needed to do. I have gone through let downs, depression, disappointments, discouragements, heart wrenching confusion and extended periods of self-doubt. Being able to even get to the point of finally releasing this album feels like success to me already. All things work together for good and I appreciate the effort of everyone involved in making this project come together.

Originally the album was going to be called "7 days" but I changed it to "delayed but not denied" because that is how the arrangement of the songs and the themes were feeling like. It is the overall theme of perseverance and celebrating every step of the way while feeling pain and joy. Sometimes we feel like life is a cruel game where we are trying to roll the dice and make the right moves to get ahead. You feel like it is your turn to move but you sometimes feel like you are taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Sometimes life feels so random with no point to it. It feels like a game of chance. To be quite honest when it was taking too long I switched the title and it stuck.

There were bonus tracks I wanted to put on this album but I wasn't permitted to do so for reasons I don't understand. I am all about giving you extra so you will still hear these bonus tracks. In fact you have heard one of them which is "Back to the start" which was produced by and features Mr Damention.

This album is coming out in 3 days time so I need you to spread the word about it and when it drops digitally on itunes and all digitalstores I need you to download it (I hope it actually does drop and the "powers that be" actually uploads it as they have said they will even though I asked them to push it back)

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JD said...

I feel you bro...

Karl Nova said...

thanks JD, I appreciate you shooting this video!

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