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Delayed But Not Denied: Broken blog silence

Since "Delayed But Not Denied" dropped I have been quiet on the blogging front. I mean I have been posting on my tumblr ( and on my twitter: ( but I haven't felt like blogging here properly for a while.

I think the whole situation of how the album came out really threw me into an emotional whirlwind. (you can read about that by clicking HERE) It made me feel like quitting making albums after the next 2 projects I am cooking up. I still feel that way but I am not giving a definite decision on that.

I am glad I got to tour Paris for 10 days immediately after the album dropped. I LOVE PARIS! That was my first time there. I think the whole novelty of visiting for the first time made it a magical experience! While I was out there I made a whole song called "made in france" and even talked to some video people about shooting a video, so watch out for that!

I also have been getting reviews for the album! I even got a review on Soulculture which is a highly respected website. Here is the link to the review:

Here is another review by another respected website called DaSouth out in the US:

I also got some press! I was in The Voice newspaper. Big up Marcia Dixon for this! Unfortunately it came out when I was out in Paris but you can read the article online here:

As always my folks over at M-Brio music have backed me too, check the feature I got over there:

I have also been enjoying settling into being a radio presenter on Premier with my own show "The Writer's Block" I have had many great guests. It has been great! You can read a funny Q&A I did about it here:

I didn't even plan for this  post to be this long, Haha. Anyway apart from all this that has been going on I have been making beats and doing a whole lot of writing. I have done so much writing I have written 2 whole new projects. The whole experience of being able to make my own beats has been so therapeutic for me. I can't wait to share these projects with you. I already have a theme that is developing. There will be more about that soon!

Here are couple of the beats I have made and believe me I have a WHOLE STASH of them!

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