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2014. So it begins...........again

Wow what a year 2013 was. If you are reading this you made it into a new year. I don't know how it was for you but 2013 was challenging but at the same time rewarding. I had some amazing moments that I will never forget.

I came into 2013 kind of deflated as well as feeling determined because the album I released in 2012 ("Delayed But Not Denied") had complications and challenges. I was on the verge of quitting but I decided to take things into my hands and start releasing music I produced myself. Every month you had something from me. I dropped 3 music videos for singles I produced myself as well as a full instrumental project called "Made 'Em On My Phone" in August that surprisingly charted on itunes.

A month before that I released 12 Free Outtakes from the project, I rapped on these tracks unlike the actual project that was mainly instrumental. I really got into production. I mean these are just a few of the beats I did last year. When I think about it, it is kinda crazy. I think I did over 100 beats. I posted a few here:  

So many things happened that were interesting on the marketing side of things in music. The marketing of the albums of Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyonce and the "Happy" single by Pharrell Williams were very interesting even though the music wasn't as interesting to me for the most part. "Happy" by Pharrell Williams though to me is pop song of the year. That song is FLAMES 

2013 is the year when I really got deeper into radio presenting and doing radio has shifted my view on the music biz even further because I am even deeper in the business side of things now. I am not going to lie, it can leave you slightly jaded and cynical especially since I am involved in the kind of radio I am presenting on. On the other hand I feel so blessed to be a broadcaster/Radio Presenter/On air personality. Over the summer I was doing 4 shows and it made me stretch and grow so much. I am sure you want me to explain some more, well I will in due time haha

There is a lot I have on my heart and mind. I kind of didn't blog as much as I wanted to last year but I am back on my blogging grind and something new is about to happen as well. So watch out for it. You will understand soon.

Welcome to 2014.  2013 was an amazing year for me in every area, from live shows to workshops in schools to doing over 90 live radio shows to creating beats upon beats and releasing music videos. I am so thankful to be able to do what I do.

Don't wait to be recognized, just get up and do the work, find your vocation and live out your calling! It is a process though so trust that things will unfold for you! May this year be the best you have ever had yet. May this be the year you experience more personal breakthroughs, blessings, meaningful moments, love, joy, peace and every good thing that could possibly happen in your life.

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