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So what in the world is PLTFRM SE7EN?!

So what exactly is PLTFRM SE7EN [SIDE A] I hear you ask? Well it is the title of my new EP. It is also something I am developing into something bigger. I don't want to jump ahead of myself so for now let's focus on the EP. I know I have told some of you personally what I am planning to do hehe but for the rest of you just have a look at this and use your imagination: PLTFRM SE7EN I will talk more about what I am gonna do with that later.

So I was creating songs for my 3rd official album which is going to be called "Familiar Stranger" and while I was doing that I found out some tracks didn't fit into that idea and a theme in my mind was developing. That theme became "PLTFRM SE7EN"

The theme follows on from "Delayed But Not Denied" (Released on independent label Unsigned United in September, 2012) The whole idea is I am on a London underground train platform and my train is delayed by 35 mins and these songs represent where my mind travels randomly in those 35 mins while my train is delayed. I am trying to get somewhere and I feel delayed but the train will come and though I am delayed I am not denied getting to my destination eventually.

This project represents where I feel I am as an artist. I am underground (that's why I have used a drawing of the London underground train tube map as album artwork). I feel stuck on this platform I am on but while I am here I will make the most of it and use my platform to help other fellow travelers. I am embracing where I am on my journey, being on this underground platform is not a bad thing. In fact embracing your niche is a great thing. Just because you are underground doesn't mean you are not on the move. It also doesn't mean what you create is cut off from other people. You always have to leave the door open and make what you do accessible to people who are new to what you do. I am also aware that what I do won't be liked by everyone and that is fine. Some people might not even rate me and that's cool, art appreciation is a subjective thing and no one holds an absolute opinion that everyone must adhere to concerning your personal taste.

 We've been made to think that going "mainstream" is the main thing to aim for but most times it makes you lose your uniqueness and you become generic and stagnant. You can lose your edge. I am just on my journey and wherever this path leads that's where I am going.
 This doesn't mean I wouldn't want to "go mainstream" and have access to bigger platforms. If I am gonna be on those platforms and on that level then it will be on my terms and a natural progression not because I am forced to become something that isn't me. (Yeah we all say this don't we? haha it has become kind of a cliche but I really mean it.)

I wanted this project to sound unpolished and bass heavy because that is the kind of hip hop I love and was raised on. I love when you can feel hard drums, heavy bass and a slight distortion. It reminds me of where this music came from. It didn't come from a polished, pristine and clean place. It came from the gritty streets, limited circumstances and from a people ignored and left with no voice. love it or hate it. It is what it is.

This EP is the prelude to my 3rd album "Familiar Stranger" because that album deals with how in this digital social media saturated era, we can sometimes be people who others are "familiar" with but never really know on a deeper level. It's kind of like bumping into someone everyday on a train platform while you're commuting, recognising their face but never really knowing who they are.

As you can see this is Side A. So that means there is a B Side...

So there you have it. I produced this project totally myself, I have no label and this time I am going to my roots to build from the underground up. I thank you in advance for your support.

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