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Why do I still blog? Who even reads this? lol

Ok I am gonna start this blog entry like a hipster. I've been blogging before it was cool (lol!) I started blogging on myspace just as it started to pop off and as myspace started dying (R.I.P) I started this blog.

Actually to be more accurate, I made a transition from blogging mainly on myspace to using the notes feature A LOT on facebook. Those were the early days of Facebook before Zuckerberg switched up the layout and it became all weird. It was THEN that I decided to switch to blogpsot. I was almost gonna use wordpress (I had it all ready to go) but blogspot was easier to set up. Well at least to me.

Why did I just give my history of blogging? what was that for? Well I guess recently I have been losing my desire to blog which is funny considering the fact that I am on twitter everyday (in case you don't know what you do every time you tweet is you're microblogging but I digress..) This year I decided to drop at least one blog entry a month and I have been keeping to that goal. However, last month I didn't do it. I just didn't feel like it. I've been living and doing other stuff nah mean? You have to live life a bit so that you have something to write about right? (I have heard this said before) I know many who used to blog regularly who don't anymore. I blog because it is a good discipline to practice as an aspiring writer and also it is very cathartic for me. All expression whether it is writing raps, songs, poetry or blogging like this is therapeutic to me. Blogging also acts as a time capsule for me as well. It helps me put some things into perspective and it is really cool when I look back on what I have written.

I have been doing a bunch of workshops and travelling a lot. I love it. This month makes it 6 years since I started working with Student Of Life. I have recently been doing a series of workshops with the legendary R&B/Soul singer/songwriter Kele Le Roc.
There was another workshop at a school that was about 3 and half hours away that I had to get to by 8.30am. I arrived on time even though it was so way out and not easy to get to. It's beautiful to be able to use poetry, rap and all the tools I have in my literary tool box to bring something to young people in a way they can relate. Check out the video below of when I went to do a workshop in a stadium

I have been working on my first book. It is mainly a book of poetry with notes about the inspiration behind each piece and I hope to have that out in the new year. It is linked with the work I do in schools but I'm trying to craft it in a way that everyone can connect with it, not just young students. I really believe words put down properly can transcend in that way.

I have been gigging. I recently performed with Soul Sanctuary at the legendary Jazz Cafe. It was a Christmas concert. I got to narrate the nativity in a contemporary way with Mel Giedroyc of Mel & Sue fame. She currently has a show on BBC called The Great British Bake Off. She is so cool. I also got to perform a spoken word poem written by my mate Chenoa. I don't normally like performing other people's words being a writer myself but I was asked to do it and I thought to myself "cool, i'll do it" It was a great night.

I keep saying I've finished my album but I keep adding to it and taking away stuff from it but yeah It will be out next year. One day on a whim I went to the studio and recorded 3 full songs in a session and that has become a Christmas themed EP. I am dropping it on Christmas day and I am calling the "Messiah EP" it will have 4 tracks on it and it will be free.

OK this has been interesting, for one who has been struggling to want to even blog this has all flowed so easily. I don't believe in writer's block, I think when the writing is ready to happen and come out of you, it will happen. Just be ready to let it flow.

check out this poem below that I recorded a video for called [Mis]information Age

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Anonymous said...

Good to blog when you want to, otherwise it becomes a chore. And indeed, you've got to live life to write about it, for sure. Keep blogging, but even more keep living ... so many exciting things you're doing too.

Karl Nova said...

Thank you! :)

Rahkayelle said...

This is something that has happened to me before! Just write when you feel like you have something to blog about! Quality over quantity! :-)

Karl Nova said...

I'm just seeing this! You're so right! Thanks :)

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