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I've been away since May, am I an August visitor?

It has been too long but here I am again. So much has happened since May when I last blogged. It has been at the back of my mind to update this blog of mine but I am going through a period where I am wondering if I am going to continue blogging. For now I will keep doing it though. It is summer time in London (finally!!!) and as I sit here rehearing for a big gig, I might as well toss out a stream of consciousness style blog to capture my mood and thoughts. It is gonna be a sort of recap so here we go.

So I have dropped my music project PLTFRM SE7EN [SIDE B] it is out now digitally on iTunes , Google Play, Spotify and every other store. You can listen in full below via my soundcloud

I was gonna do a whole "digital liner notes" blog about the project and I probably should get on with that but for now the project is just me letting loose some tracks I had floating around on my laptop. They are literally B-Sides and rare recordings that were supposed to be on projects but never really fit anywhere. The funny thing is they somehow fit together as one. I see myself as an underground artist, that is where I am right now. Only a few people know me and what I do isn't for everyone. I am cool with that as I keep moving. If you like what I do, I appreciate you. This project is inspired by my journey and a lot of it was made riding the London underground trains and pondering my journey.

I have been doing workshops everywhere this year. I think this first half of 2016 has been the busiest I have ever been since I started doing this in December, 2009. I recently got back from Germany where I was for 3 days doing workshops in 2 schools there. I also performed at 2 graduation ceremonies as well. I totally enjoyed my stay there. I met some great people. I was in Paderborn city a place I never even knew about. Check out some pictures I took while I was there below:

You can check out the other pics I took by going here

A lot has been going on in the world as usual but this time around it feels even more intense. I think being on social media everyday like I am makes you even more aware of what is going on. I have been processing so many thoughts and feelings about everything, it's hard to articulate what I really think and feel about it all. You would think it would be a great thing to use this blog as an outlet during this time but I just didn't feel like writing. I didn't even feel like doing music at some point. I have recently been getting back into it and more music is on the way. I guess I use music to get it all out of me.

I am going to stop here. This blog entry is just me getting my engine revving and getting back into gear. I am still here. In fact I have a new song I released out of the blue saying that. I saw a post on facebook talking about suicide and I felt inspired to write and record the song because I was once suicidal myself a long time ago. You can download it from itunes, amazon etc right now and stream it on TIDAL, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer etc with all the rest of my music too. I want to shoot a music video for it. Press play and enjoy it below. I will be back on this blog, I won't be away for too long this time.

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