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The Frustrated Artist (Digital Liner Notes)

Over a period of time during recording sessions for the project that became PLTFRM SE7EN [SIDE A] which came out June 3rd 2014 and PLTFRM SE7EN [SIDE B] which will be out in the future on a date I don't know yet the tracks on this project emerged.

I experimented with creating beats inspired by grime, dubstep, trap and UK funky house. I got inspired by London underground bass music. These tracks didn't fit in with the soulful boom bap flavour I was trying to make for the PLTFRM SE7EN projects. This is the thing with music, sometimes it just comes out how it comes out and you have to just let it happen.

At the time I was creating all this music I was very stressed and frustrated about the constraints on my expression that the scene i come from tries to place on an artist like me. I am not trying to preach or force my beliefs on anyone. I am not trying to convert people to my worldview, I am simply expressing myself FROM my worldview. I use music as therapy. I use music to try make sense of my experience. If you find inspiration, hope, encouragement, upliftment and food for your faith or anything meaningful to you in my music and songs I am humbled and grateful because honestly I am not trying to make anyone believe what I do. I am just trying to live and express myself musically in the most honest way possible and to the best of my abilities. These songs are like gasps for breath. In fact that is what all my music is like to me.

I am not claiming to represent for a genre or a scene. I am not representing for any man made label or musical categorization, if this disappoints you then you are not probably hanging around for me or my music, you are probably looking for me to represent an ideal that is important to you. All I can say is whatever you get from my music is for you. I am grateful what I create can mean something to someone else in any kind of way even if it is little. I am not famous or very well known or any of that, honestly that was never my primary reason for doing this. I am not even rated by many in the scene I am from as an artist but that is cool, when I started making music it was me alone with beats and rhymes dealing with my frustration, pain, brokenness expressing my heart and mind and trying to make sense of life and it is still that way today.

To those who "get" what I am about and truly support me this is for you! much love to you! Maybe my music is for those who know what it feels like to be lost, broken, frustrated, confused and yet determined to keep the faith and keep hope alive.

P.S There are those who say free music is "killing the scene" well you have an option. You can pay whatever you want with this project. You can download it for nothing if you like. I don't feel entitled to your money, I feel I have to work to earn it by making something of value that you feel is worth purchasing. I don't mind sharing my music with you. If it connects with you and you want to share back financially and can do that then don't hold back.

It is also available on itunes, amazon, google play and all digital stores if you don't want to buy this directly from me here and prefer the convenience of those outlets and downloadable from Jan 26th worldwide.

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