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Beware of The Underdog that travels underground! MIND THE MAP!

I know I’ve been gone on the note front for a long London minute but I am back like vertebrae! How are you world? How are you my people!

I am writing this listening to some fly music! Actually it is a mixtape by a dude called Blitz The Ambassador! I can’t believe the music that is available for free nowadays! Anyway this is gonna be one of my rambles. I haven’t got any main thought to share. This is strictly for the love of just chatting, you know how I do! *he sips tea*

Ok so I came into the 4th Quarter of the year 2 0 0 9 after having a pretty busy summer thanks be to God I got to do gigs everywhere from Birmingham (Shout out to Gap D!) to the L.I.V.E Festival in Dorset (Shout out to Marsha Brooks! Thanks for the hook up sis) back to the Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham (shout out to George Luke for the hook up and interview!) then back to the Notting Hill Carnival (shout out to the whole fam that was down there!) I have been gigging all over the place and sometimes I actually forget where I have been to. I actually sometimes forget gigs that I am supposed to be having! Lol. I am grateful for every opportunity. I thank God for those who reciprocate what you do with love AND PROPER MONEY! YEAH I SAID IT! I have people who OWE ME! (none of the gigs mentioned by the way) Pay UP! LOL! (no joke!) I don’t necessarily do this for money but if an agreement is made and a budget is available STICK TO THE CONTRACT! *he takes another sip of tea and exhales*

Before all that I got to record on a TV Show called “One to One” hosted by Michael Owusu which will soon show on Revelation TV (shout out to Mercy who backed me up on vocals!) It was a great time recording and it hasn’t been shown yet. I was recording the show with Victizzle who at the time hadn’t won his MOBO award. (congrats again dude! YES! Your album is banging and thanks for producing “I Still Believe” feat. Kirsten Marie) The funny thing is we were discussing rumours we heard of who would be nominated and he never thought he would even be nominated! The people we mentioned in the conversation didn’t get nominated (except New Direction, whatsup yall!)

This summer I got to work on a project called “Sing Barnfield” which involved me being recruited by British Gospel Arts to act as a workshop co-ordinator and creative writing tutor. I got to work with some lovely young kids on a kind of dreary impoverished Estate. I also met some lost teens who think they are hardcore. It was an experience and a half and I am still involved with it now.

I also got to fly out to America to perform at an Anniversary celebration of Solomon Porch Worship Centre in Maryland. That was a fly trip. It’s so sad that my phone died and I couldn’t take any pictures! I mean I was put up in a first class hotel and treated so nicely! I touched D.C and got to meet Rayona and CaShawn who are people I’ve only met on Myspace and facebook! America has such an atmosphere about it that is so different from the UK. The first day of me getting there was when Obama won the Nobel Peace Price so it was buzzing about that. As usual folks were tripping off my accent (do I have one really?) I got to see people who I haven’t seen for ages. I landed on Thursday and was back in London by the following Tuesday. How you like that for jet setting? I enjoyed smooth flights both ways. On my way to America I sat next to this fat Nigerian dude. He tried to get friendly and asked me a bunch of questions I answered politely then watched 3 movies back to back while he fell asleep stretching his legs all over the place! UGH!! LOL!

I had to pull my album “just as I AM: The Prequel” off of all digitalstores because I was advised by management that a few songs had uncleared samples in them *huge sigh* if you have that album you have something special that will never see the light of day in THAT way again. That’s my baby. That project will be re released as something else while some of the songs I will drop for free as part of a mixtape called “just as I AM: Deleted Scenes” (out on Christmas day!) I have a couple of new singles coming out and I am currently in negotiations with a label for a deal. I will let you know how things go with that SOON!

There is so much more I can write about right now. I MEAN SO MUCH but I think I will stop here for now because it is getting very long right now! Love to all far and near! I’m just seeking to fulfil my purpose, make an impact on lives (not necessarily the industry which can be different) and live my dream though sometimes my life feels like a nightmare because I literally live by faith and it is scary out here! LAWD A MERCCCCY!

Skanksgivin EP still out now on itunes and all digitalstores YA HEARD?!

P.S I now have a Blackberry. It’s cool but I still don’t know what the big deal is apart from the cool BB Messenger function!


Anonymous said...

One of these days you are going to be kicked out of the Nigerian clan. I know people who dislike anything negative being said about Africans, but what the heck.LMAO! That part of the Nigerian was hilarious. LOL! I am catching up slowly on your posts. Martha

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