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Overcomer Part 1: Image is Everything


So here we are in November. What a year it has been. I don't know how it has been for you but for me I have been stretched beyond my breaking point. I guess life is making sure I don't become rigid with no more growth happening.

I have a new single called "Overcomer" which probably sums up my whole year and I will drop it next year. You see I don't just write songs I try to make statements based on lessons and experiences I have gone through and I always hope to connect with someone out there.

Anyway read the following below. I got this from a great book by Na'im Akbar. This is just part 1 so in the next part of this note I will go into what I'm trying to say but I know you folks out there are very fast folks and will catch my drift before I actually "go there" so peep this and leave your impressions in the comments section.

""There is a young man I know who was a triple jumper on the university track team. For the entire year he had been trying to jump farther than his record he had set in that region which was 52 feet. In each meet his competition would jump 47, 49 or 50 feet. He could not get beyond 52 feet because 52 was the best he could do under the pressures that were available, and HIS OWN RECORD WAS THE BEST IMAGE HE COULD FIND TO INFLUENCE HIM. He eventually went to the national meets and the fifth place jumper jumped 53 feet! You can imagine what the first, second, third and forth place jumpers had done. Suddenly the young man who had desperately reached for greater distance all year long, jumped 54 feet and 6 inches – surpassing everything he had been able to jump all year, and he did it repeatedly throughout the entire meet""

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