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Talking into space........Happy "new" Year.........

So here I am in 2010. I am glad to be here. I celebrated the turn of the calendar. Some people debated with me if indeed we're entering a new decade because this is 2010 and not 2011. I pointed out to them that due to the fact most people counted from year 2000 A.D, 2000 - 2009 is 10 actual years. The gregorian calendar is strange you see, there was no AD 0. It just went from B.C 1 to A.D 1. One has to bear in mind that 2000 A.D is an actual year so I guess counting 2000 - 2009 and including the year 2000 does make it 10 years but hey what does that matter me? I personally wish they had counted from 2001 - 2010. It would have avoided a lot of confusion and endless debating.

I had a nice Christmas and as usual every year, I observed the yearly bickering about Christmas being a pagan holiday and many kept going on as usual "exposing" the truth that Christ wasn't born on Decemeber 25th and in fact Christmas is based on the movement of the Sun and the Winter Solistice. Blah blah blah. If you're only just finding out these blatant facts then I wonder where you've been? LOL I've heard it all before and come next christmas I will hear it all again since people have found their voices due to the fact that social networking affords anyone a chance to get on a soapbox and talk into (cyber)space so that anyone within earshot (correction eyesight?) might pay attention and maybe add their 2 pence or maybe not. lol. I know what christmas means to ME and I believe in Christ's birth whether it was in September, April or what exact day it was. No one knows the exact day anyway!

I was enthusiastic about the new year and counted it down like everyone else although part of me couldn't help but recognize that it is only a change in the calendar. I guess we all need newness in our lives, who doesn't need a fresh start once in a while? who doesn't want a clean slate? The beautiful thing is we don't need to wait until new year's eve to enjoy that.

Even though this debate was going on inside of me I coasted on the wave of new year enthusiasm painfully aware that the buzz would soon fade and it would be back to business, back to dealing with "reality" and facing issues that a change in the date on the calendar cannot change, unless I embrace change within me. Transformation someone says comes by the renewing of the mind.

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NickyJett said...

Cool I found you on Blogger. I'm a new follower :D

I love that people are finding their voice.

I can't wait until black christians find out we of African descent were the "pagans" they seem to despise so much lol.....

.I look forward to the day when they truly understand that pagan beliefs then are what we call science today..

.I can't wait until those of African descent find out they we were the original mathematicians, physicists, chemists(and alchemist) pharmacist, and that we worshipped the orb (snake) and that the orb represents nothing more than intellect and wisdom...

I look forward to the day when those of African descent wake up from the dark day...maybe that will be the change for this new year :D

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