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I wanna shoot cupid outta the sky with his own arrow! (Throwback Valentines Day blog)


I feel like shooting cupid with his own arrow outta the sky! tell him to come and see me!
Ok I wasn't gonna do this but I need to get a release from this day called valentines day.

So here I am typing away. Flowers are being exchanged, chocolates are being eaten, people are receiving all kinds of sweet messages of undying love, love is in the air and if you inhale you will get high and be carried off to cloud nine where cupid is having fun playin' with his upgraded iBow and iArrow. If you see him tell him to come and see me! let's battle! LOL!

My relationship with Vals day is kinda like my relationship with Christmas. I can't STAND the hype. When I was a child Christmas was magical but now that life has set in and there are bills to pay, father christmas has been gladly laid to rest in the memories of my childhood. So when people are caught up in the yuletide wave I am trying to focus on what it really is about! As for vals day? It seems like it has long followed the same road down to the cemetary! How has it come to the point that we have invested so much emotion and projected so much feeling onto this one day?

Vals day raises the expectations of people to unrealistic levels. Its crazy because a date now carries some kind of magical meaning and it taps into the minds and hearts of people. It taps into their deepest longings of being loved and all of that. Its like people project all their hopes and dreams onto this one day.

So am I a "love hater" NO! In fact I am deep down inside of me a die hard romantic! I mean I am a poet aint I? My idealism is what feeds my poetry! My being able to be dreamy and live in the world of my imagination (without losing touch with reality of course) is what helps me paint pictures with words! I mean with the feedback I get from my work I feel like I strike chord! Y'all seem to feel me out there and for this I am eternally grateful!

So why do I want to shoot cupid out of the sky? What's my beef with lovers day? Well first of all I know that in this world of pain, romantic love is deified and put on a pedestal that it does not deserve because it simply cannot deliver what it promises in all it's fairy tales, hollywood stories and myths! It cannot produce that happy ever after and I feel duped everytime I fall for it's charming promises! I hear you say, "but doesn't the Bible say, God is love?" well God is love but love aint God! The love I speak of is "romantic love"

Due to my talents and disposition I am kind of a great candidate to serve in the espousal of it's myths and promises of everlasting happiness. The only thing is life has shattered my idealism and I don't want to try to fly with cupid only to find out I am a man with no wings! I have crashed and burned too many times! I have been high in the sky with cupids arrow stuck in my chest only to drop to the ground when reality bites!

So while everyone is rushing around today acting like this day is the MAIN day of love, I'll be looking up to the one who IS love and also looking for cupid to shoot him out of the sky with my lyrical bow and arrow. I will be knocking him of his pedestal that people gladly bow down and worship before to the sound of countless numbers of sweet love songs that hipnotize the masses and even almost mesmerizes me too!

Yeah I'm a sucker for love but since God is love I'll rather be sucker for God.

The End until next year! hah

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CarpeDiem said...

OH WOW, how transparent was that, refreshing to read a man's feelings on the subject!!

Thanks Karl, but I do hope your arrow deserve to find 'her' whatever day of the year that'll be...Bless Ya Bruv!

Plumbline said...

Yeah...I was there when the first one was

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