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The Boy and The Devil a short story by Paulo Coelho

I found this story interesting. What do you think?

A boy was walking to buy bread when the mayor of the city crossed the street.

‘The reason he is so powerful, is because, he’s made pact with the devil,’ a very devout woman in the street told the boy, and he was intrigued.

Some time later, when travelling to another town, the boy saw a beautiful corn field. He asked who was he owner as soon as he arrived at his destination

‘All this land belongs to the same man. I’d say the Devil had a hand in that.’ – answered one of the villagers.

Later the same day, a beautiful woman walked past the boy. A priest also saw her and said aloud:

‘That woman is in the services of Satan!’

From then on, the boy decide to seek the Devil out. One day he managed to see him face to face.

‘They say you can make people powerful, rich, and beautiful.’

‘To be totally honest, this is not true’ replied the Devil. ‘You have just been listening to the views of those who are trying to promote me.’

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Anonymous said...

This story just reminds me of when i was growing up and the there was a growing/rapid breakaway from the traditional religions and coming up of the other group of Christians. Oh my, i was young then, and the fear grew and grew, they used all sorts of tactics to break folks from their original churches, i remember some dressing up in muslim outfits and testifying how they had changed to christianity and assasinating the muslim religion in the process. Not that anything much has changed.

But i also remember this beautiful, wealthy, powerful theme that was used in connection with the devil. And then they added to it the false prophets. But sometimes i only think of it(false prophets) as a way in which they tried to play eachother off as they were all trying to create churches and were in competetion and look out for a congregation. I don't think i will ever forget this time in terms of religion and faith, because as a child and an adult now, i can still recall that fear and i cannot stand folks like that. No child deserves that. These folks even did this knowingly to primary kids who could read and write but not understand.

Sometimes you just have to wonder who the devil really is???


Karl Nova said...

wow! thanks for your comment! I always appreciate your honesty!

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