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Sometimes when you hear a bit more about the artist, you understand the art they make in a deeper way. Sometimes to really understand the book you have to get to know the author.

I am beginning to understand even more what motivates me to express myself. I write to make sense of my experience. I write to tell my story and to make sense of what I’ve been through. I write to express my feelings and thoughts and it helps me to get perspective on the things I am learning as I live everyday.

There is so much power in telling your story. You might have heard it said that there is a testimony for every test you go through, or a message that comes out of every mess you’ve experienced and a story of triumph for ever trial you’ve endured. Even though over time it can quickly become a cliché to say all that, it still remains true. Simply sharing your story with anyone has a powerful effect.

The song below is inspired by a certain period and it was the time I was suicidal. I think that time is one of the main defining moments of my life. It was when I hit the lowest point I have ever hit. Sometimes I think back to what in the world could have made me reach that point mentally and emotionally. It is only by the grace of God that I’m still here. When I hit rock bottom, I found that God who is my rock was at the bottom waiting.

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