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One, Won, One......One.

Happy new year. Hope you had a lovely Christmas season. I just want to take time to thank you for visiting my blog in 2010. If this is your first time here welcome.

As always when the New Year rolls around there is this burst of enthusiasm and celebration. I personally think people are just happy they made it through another year and it is a reason to celebrate and give thanks. It is no surprise to me that the change of date on a calendar inspires thoughts of change and newness and this is a good thing. I however know that a change in the calendar doesn’t necessarily mean an inward change of mind and heart for the better which is what we need more than anything. The hype of the moment will die down and it will be back to business.

I am not into numerology and all that malarkey but the number 1 reminds me of beginning again, it reminds me of unity, it reminds me of integrity, it reminds me of The Anointed One who I follow. It reminds me to take one step at a time as I move on in my journey. Having gone into other years saying it was "my year" and seen things not work out how I wanted, I'm more humble, I now say "your will be done and keep moving with quiet confidence and faith.

I pray this year the road rises to meet your feet as you walk your path, I pray the wind of grace is at your back to assist and move you forward, I pray that God blesses and guides you, I pray you are surrounded with the right people to assist you on your way.


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