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Yep it is Easter again

It's time of the year again, as usual the so called "deep" folks were all out on twitter "kicking knowledge" about how Easter is based on a pagan festival which was held for the spring equinox (Basically back in the day folks worshipped the sun and the equinox is when the day and night is equal in length, it happens twice a year and the days get longer and hotter after the spring equinox) and really is all about the movement of the sun and blah blah blah. So called "conscious" folks claim to be speaking the "truth" to sheep and mindless clones blah blah blah. I've heard it all before and will hear it again at Christmas and again at Easter next year. Nothing new. Same ol' same ol'

The fact remains that followers of Christ celebrate his death and resurrection and there is no amount of "kicking knowledge" that is going to stop folks from rejoicing in the resurrection of their saviour. True disciples celebrate him everyday and we actually celebrate his death and resurrection every Sunday and all the time not just at easter time. Yes I know it is also the spring equinox, yes I know the root word of easter is from a fertility pagan god, yes I know it is a based on a pagan celebration welcoming back the sun after winter and the arrival of spring but it still won't stop me from rejoicing in the Son who rose from the dead and upholds all things by the word of his power besides I am happy that spring is here in London, I am happy the sun is out, I mean I hate winter because to me winter sucks (forgive me Lord), so I am thankful that the sun is out in April and the temperature has been high lately. It feels like summer came early.

Anyway enough of my blabbing. I found this cool video someone made. Basically it is about if twitter was around at the time Jesus walked the earth. It is really good, even though Jesus is white in the pics used hehehe.

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NickyJett said...

Someone actually asked the question on her page...and it was easy for me to answer - not because I'm conscious it's because I read. Reading is fundamental. :). One question for you - maybe two. Do you believe Jesus Christ is the son of G-D or do you believe Jesus Christ is G-D?

Karl Nova said...

I believe Jesus is the Son of God. I believe he was God manifest in the flesh as a man, but while on earth though totally Divine he was also totally human living in total submission to The Father to show us how he will live his live in us through the Spirit once his mission was completed

NickyJett said...

Your answer is similar to my belief - I believe Jesus is G-D for me Resurrection Sunday is nothing more than the retelling of the Phoenix rising from the ashes - but in place of the Bennu bird we have G-D showing us the way through the Jesus story.

Karl Nova said...

yes! the phoenix story and so many other resurrection stories as well! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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