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Jon Foreman's famous comment about Christian Music "It is a Faith, not a genre"

"For us, it’s a faith, not a genre. We’ve always been very open and honest about where the songs are coming from. For us, these songs are for everyone. Calling us ‘Christian rock’ tends to be a box that closes some people out and excludes them. And that’s not what we’re trying to do. Music has always opened my mind — and that’s what we want.”

“My faith, I mean, that’s such a personal aspect that a lot of times, of course it’s going to come out through the song. But at the same time, I’m not a religious salesman. I feel like God doesn’t really need a salesman, and what these songs are simply my interactions with this life and learning. I guess the bottom line is the songs are really honest, you know what I mean. That faith is going to come through. If the listener is looking for it, that’s definitely a part of it.”

“You’re boxing it in. I would like to think that the music that I make is best with claws and teeth, instead of being locked up in a cage. As a band we’ve always been very deliberate in making music for everyone. And we’ve never changed that. If we’re going to define our music it would just be honest music for thinking people. We’ve always called ourselves a rock band and tried to stay away from anything that would limit our audience. For me, my faith is a really personal, important part of my life, and it’s much bigger to me than a musical genre”

— Jon Foreman, lead vocalist of Switchfoot


Fellow Writer said...

AMEN! Honesty is what counts. Truly live the life, and sure it will show in your music. Music is a medium of expression , and out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks (or at least that's the way it should be), not following some stupid formula. Sorry, I rant!

Karl Nova said...

haha rant on! You speak the truth!

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