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It's more than just music it is a movement
In some ways this is recruitment
So while you're tweeting and youtubing
Or facebooking I'll share a few things
I used to think I needed a gimmick
some kind of image for me to mimic
Now I get the picture vivid
I take steps of faith remove the limits
And know that you have been distinguished
I'm a human torch you can't extinguish
This aint just a song I sing I live this
I pour out my heart everything I give this
If you feel me can I get a witness
as with quickness I handle family business
If you have ears there's a message in this
Rewind, play it back in case you missed it

It's more than just music it is a movement
You need to understand what we are doing
alone with my thoughts like nick I'm brewing
I wrote the vision now I'm pursuing
So right now you must face the music
It's got such flavour you taste the music
We don't waste the music we make the music
My song still remains if you take the music
So you can download this
And maybe miss the reason why we wrote this
It's a song of hope for the hopeless
like a spaceship flying to where hope lives
This movement is an exodus
Move with it love has connected us
Believe me deeply it's affected us
We were dead but you resurrected us

It's more than just music it is a movement
Don't get it twisted its kingdom music
I just said that so you won't confuse it
I'm unplugged from the matrix, acoustic
So let this music take you away
From pain and strain, disdain and hate
You can call this the great escape
Shawshank redemption or prison break
I've broken free because of his grace
He bailed me out I've beat the case
How sweet the taste how deep is grace
Yes he erased all my mistakes
I'm keepin' it real and keepin' the faith
This aint no he say, she say, cliche
More than just slogans that we say
My life is a movie the soundtrack we make

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