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Well the year is in full swing and as I write this snow hit London yesterday properly and it is mad cold. I am back recording stuff because I am feeling very inspired at the moment.

I have put the situation of the album that just came out "Delayed But Not Denied" (you can read about it HERE) behind me and I feel like I am starting afresh. The message of that album is still relevant even though the way it came out wasn't the way I wanted but that's cool it is all part of the journey I am on. I am thankful for all the lessons I learnt because they are very valuable lessons.

I used to try to make beats before and sometimes I've had a say in the direction producers who have worked with me went with the sound they produced for songs I have released. This is the first time I have gotten confident enough to record on beats I am making and letting anyone hear them.

When I did the first album I ever released called "just as I AM: The Prequel" I worked a lot with Rodney Rockerz who has that bounce and sound I like. He is a sampling master though which caused me to have to drop a lot of tracks we recorded from the original version of that album. I ended up giving those tracks for free with others on my "Deleted Scenes Mixtape"

I once took him a Mahalia Jackson CD because I wanted to see if he could sample her version of the popular hymn "just as I am"  He didn't seem to be able to do it satisfactorily no matter how much he tried. Fast forward to the future and I have learnt how to use a drum machine to sample and I have sampled the very record Rodney was finding it hard to sample and I've made a song out of it that I've decided to simply call "Mahalia"

I remember when I was a kid I asked my mum to by me some gospel music. I expected her to buy me Kirk Franklin but she bought me a Mahalia Jackson tape. I mean WHO DOES THAT? haha. I didn't really appreciate her until later. If you don't know who Mahalia Jackson is, ask Uncle Google and he will tell you.

The new track I have produced and recorded will be out on January 27th and it will be free.

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AFalomo said...

I love that woman!!! And I can't wait to see what you did with her voice. Good luck with your new found passion :)

Karl Nova said...

Thanks bro :)

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