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So we are over a week into the new year and this is my first blog post of the year. I waited on purpose. The reason why I waited is because I wanted the hype to be over.

I think this year the Christmas/new year hype ended faster for me. There is nothing wrong with some Christmas cheer and new year optimism. You have to be like a surfer and ride the wave knowing the general  hype is going to end. Also you have to be able to navigate the killjoys who always seem to react negatively to the collective upbeat hype as well. Shout out to the grinches. Like I said around Christmas, no grinch won't kill my vibe, grinch won't kill my vibe haha!

I use this period to be thankful for the year, reflect on it, personally assess where I am at and get my mind right for the year. I also use this period to write things down that I want to achieve. I try to break it down into steps because as much as it is good to have a good general vision for inspiration only taking those small steps towards it will make it happen.

I think the theme for me that is developing is I need to take radical steps in my personal development and growth. I really can't be easy on myself, I have to do what I have to do and that is my mindset now more than ever before. It is evolve or be extinct, change or die, adapt or be irrelevant, grow or be stagnant. That is me generally.

To reflect how I feel this is a poem I wrote called R.I.O.T which is an acronym for Radical Invasion Of Truth. It is my whole internal attitude right now. Inside me I am feeling a sense of urgency and I want to move forward! Much success and breakthroughs to you this year. Let's get to it!

There is a cry in hearts for change 
Not mere crumbs or pocket change 
from the weighty pockets 
of the elite 
There is a cry for change 
We've reached a tipping point 
where the amplifying cry from heavy hearts 
seek to tip the scales 
unfairly imbalanced in the hands of lady justice
who still stands blindfolded 
there is a cry for change, 
real change, 
 the status quo has got to go, 
 there’s a cry for newness 
No more same ol’ same ol’ 
We need more than a facebook update 
 or Apple upgrade 
We need more than a mix-tape 
More than another pop idol on which to fixate 
the drugs don’t work, 
 the opiate has worn off 
a quick fix and temporary high Is not enough 
There is a cry for change 
But a riot must take place 
 in the heart and mind, 
 true revolution happens inside, 
 a radical invasion of truth 
 from which you can’t hide. 

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Niyi Adereti said...

Love the poem, I hear the cry!

Karl Nova said...

thanks a lot! :)

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