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Call me Mickey Bricks when I get my hustle on!

I really like the BBC show called "Hustle" I kind of got into it late and it is over now as a series but I simply love everything about it. I have probably watched every episode more than once.

Why do I love it? Well it is well shot, the script is tight. The camaraderie between the group of con-artists is great. Yes you heard me, I said con-artists. Basically the show is all about these guys conning people and the planning that goes into it and how it goes down haha. I love the way the story twists and turns and leaves you wondering how did they pull of that con? Then they explain to you how they did it and it is like WHOA! haha

They don't just con anyone though, they kind of con people who "deserve" it. Well they try to portray it as some twisted kind of justice. Anyway, I love the show. It teaches you a lot about human nature.

Top quotes from the show:

"Find someone who wants to get something for nothing and give them nothing for something"

"Feed the greed"

"Always stay one step ahead"

"Play it by the book"

"cover all the angles"

"you can't cheat an honest man"

These are just a few of the quotes from the series that you hear. They really make sense. Why do con-artists succeed? I think they succeed because in people we have a weakness to get something for nothing, they even tell you in the show that they look for greed in people and thrive off that. That's very interesting if you really think about it.

Anyway I have been watching my favourite episodes again on YouTube, someone even upload the whole 8 series set in full HERE if you have never watched it before trust me just try one episode. They are good!

I made a beat sampling the theme music and even did a little fan-made video using one of the scenes from the show. It is where the leader of the crew Michael Stone aka Mickey Bricks escapes from the police haha! Check it out below

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