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#MEOMP Made 'Em On My Phone: Behind The Music

When I started making music, all I wanted to do was to write rhymes that sounded as fly as the heroes I was introduced to by my cousin who was much older than me. My cousin schooled me in Hip Hop. He played me his tapes of the lyrical greats and I was amazed at this expression I was hearing. I wanted to be part of it.

As time went on. I somehow started making beats. I found out by experimenting with a Yamaha PSR keyboard that I could actually make beats. I was amazed. The keyboard was in a baptist church I was attending at the time. I would sneak into the church during week days when no one was there and make beats. I would be lost for hours. I would actually use the beats I created to perform. I created my own music, wrote my own songs and traveled about performing them on the gospel music/youth group/church circuit/christian scene.

Fast forward into the future. I didn't make beats for ages. I depended on producers I met to help me create and flesh out my musical ideas. Some of my songs were partially produced by me but it wasn't like when I was able to do it on my own.

Now I have found a way to do it again. It is a bit unorthodox. To some it might sound a bit mad but I am doing it. The difference now is I have lived a bit, I am so close to being totally jaded by my experience of the music biz even though the creative side of music is something that will forever burn in me. I started to feel so jaded that I didn't put a lot of lyrics on this project. The beats are doing most of the speaking. You do hear my voice on some of the tracks though, I even sampled myself so that I could become part of some of the beats.

These beats came out of a very confusing period of my life. I guess I found release in the creation of these beats. These are just a few. I do this for the love of it. I don't even care if I never chart, that was never my original reason for getting into music in the first place. When I was sneaking into that church almost everyday making beats, the thought of stardom and fame and success were so far away that I couldn't even conceive such an idea in my head. All I wanted was make a great sound and become part of the music myself. It was an escape for a very troubled teenager who at a very low point was even suicidal back then.

I made these beats while recording my next proper album which I am calling "Familiar Stranger" God willing it will be out next year and you will hear me rapping on it and singing and the sound will be more close to what people have known me for but it is good to experiment and try new things right?

Enjoy this project for what it is. An experiment.


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