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Alright STOP! collaborate and listen!

I used to be a guy that would blog so frequently and relentlessly but these days I try to blog in this long form at least once a month. Technically I blog everyday because twitter is a "microblogging" website (follow me @KarlNova if you aren't following me there already) My whole motto is you have to live life a bit so you can write about something real.

So summer is here though not fully (well the sun hasn't been consistent like last year. I guess I am gonna have to be optimistic and see how it goes innit? lol) This year has been very challenging for me so far. Last year was different but that's how life is innit? Festival season is here and I am performing in a couple, I love festivals and always enjoy when I get to do them every year. I performed at one recently and headlined with Rain Freedom, A Star & Faith Child and it was great!

I have been recording here and there and making so many tracks. I recorded a song with Melvillous which I uploaded to my soundcloud called "Kingdom Sound" and it was inspired by MCs who came before me in the scene.
I started thinking about how they might feel if they were forgotten and not given the due credit they deserve and I found myself writing in that direction. I am very picky these days with collaborations. I featured Melvillous who is one of the best lyricists out right now and he is such a cool down to earth guy. I needed to let people know I can go back to back with anyone. I am secure in myself as an Emcee. Another thing is I think Melvillous is the future of great lyricists and I want people to know more about him. (check out his soundcloud here:

I also got to record with the amazing singer/songwriter/vocalist that is Michelle John This is a woman who has toured and worked with the greats like Eric Clapton, Annie Lennox, BB King, Mariah Carey, BB King and so many amazing people.
We recorded a song I wrote and produced called "Shining On" and I can't wait to share it. She's such a cool, down to earth and talented person. Last year I sampled a song of hers called "Little Me" and made a song called "Little Me Too" you can read more about how I met Michelle in this blog I wrote here

 I also have been producing for other people. Now this might not sound like a big deal but to me it is. When I started making beats I didn't feel I would ever make beats for someone else. Now that isn't exactly true. When I 1st made beats AGES ago while in Nigeria as a teen, I made beats for my friends and some tunes I produced ended up on Nigerian national radio but in this new era for me I never really thought I would be making beats for anyone apart from myself. I have a song I produced for Joy Rose who is another amazing artist that has worked with people like Sting, Billy Ocean, Incognito and so many legendary artists. It will be released in the future. Another person I recently produced a track for is Fiona Yorke and it is gonna be on her next EP.
I featured on both these songs I am talking about too. I produced in a very unorthodox way so when REAL producers talk to me I get nervous hahaha.

All these collaborations are really interesting because I have never felt fully comfortable letting other people into my personal recording process for a while. I guess collaborations should be organic and authentic and I think it reflects in the actual music if done well.

I recently dropped a lyric video for a freestyle I did that isn't going to make my next album but will probably make the B-Side of my EP PLTFRM SE7EN It was recorded with an iPhone 6 and I did the typography myself. Watch it below:

When I started writing this blog I had no idea that it would end up this way hahahaha. I guess that is how it is when you don't just go with the flow but become the flow. (I thought that was gonna sound deep ah well I am not gonna edit it hahahahahha)

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