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When you don't know what to say, say thank you.

I have been going through a very confusing time mentally and emotionally. I have been feeling so blue and confused. I don't know if you have experienced this but I have been feeling like I don't know what my next step in my journey is.

I really wanted to blog more this year but I haven't felt inspired to do it. I haven't felt inspired to even continue my "oddcast" well actually that is not true, I had a plan that I was following for it that was working but due to complications which I kind of hinted at in my last blog I can't do it the way I want to anymore (don't worry though I still have plans for it like I mentioned in this blog entry) One thing I am glad about is here and there I have been able to write songs and still make beats and also I have done some collaborations on beats I've made. I don't normally do that but look for stuff coming soon.

There is a lot going on in the world right now and it is not that I haven't noticed them or not had an opinion on them but I feel like if I wrote about them I would be stating the obvious, I don't think my opinion is THAT important concerning certain things anyway so I don't even bother. I trust that someone else will write about it and do a good job, for example my homie Jendella wrote a great article about David Cameron's election campaign and trying to snatch some black church votes, check that out here. I could have written that, It is even makes me feel kinda sad that something so obvious has to be stated but what I have been learning is that just like in the story of the "emperor's new clothes" something can be so obvious but due to people choosing to want to only see what they want to see they can miss the naked truth.

I am not writing all this to seek for pity, this is a normal thing to go through. It is part of the journey as they say. So I am not panicking at all. I fully trust that my path will be made clear.

All I just want to say is thank you to people who support what I do. I have had time to reflect a lot about my creative output, I realise that what I do doesn't appeal to everyone and that is fine with me. I also realise that those who know about me and are interested in what I do have joined my journey at different times or for different reasons. Some might know me from GK Real, others from when I started putting my music on myspace, some might know me from doing shows here and here and even out of the UK, some might know me from doing workshops in schools, some might only know me from doing radio, some might only be into these blogs I do (only occasionally these days sorry y'all I will try to do better). Some might have joined because of this album I released or that mixtape or that single or that EP etc etc. All I want to say is thank you for your support. I know I am a guy in his own lane and in his own niche. I am not trying to be a "superstar" I am simply doing me and if you are here for that and get something out of any aspect of what I do I truly appreciate you.

I guess that is all I can say at this time hahaha. I don't know what else to say. Oh yeah one last thing, can you guys stop getting duped into posting fake news stories from "satire" websites on facebook and twitter? I would have written about it but my homie Christophe Pierre has a blog for you here about it so read it and stop being so gullible!

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Adventures of a Novice Mum said...

'Thank you' is definitely a good thing to say; no man is an island afterall, no man stands alone really. The incredible thing is that this space you're in right now is such a vital part of your creative journey; it's part of the steps towards where you should be. And when you get to that next place, it'll be so much more obvious. :-)

Karl Nova said...

Thank you!

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