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Finding My Rhythm

Wow I haven't blogged for a while! I really did intend to blog towards the end of 2016 but I just didn't feel inspired. I also felt overloaded with all that is going on the world at large and in my world. I just didn't know where to start.

2016 was one of the best years I have ever had in my life. I really do hope my blogs from last year were able to capture that. I know the world at large was saying how bad last year was due to so many iconic celebrities passing away as well as many other things that happened on the world stage, but for me personally it was a great year. Yes I did have my own challenges but I traveled doing what I do creatively more than I ever have before. I also made music I truly wanted to make and even finished writing a book!

I think last year collectively we even more deeply realised how it is a celebrity dominated culture we live in. As a collective we vicariously live through celebs for better or for worse. They are part of the landscape of the collective psyche in ways we probably didn't fully realise therefore, the passing in quick succession of iconic celebs really threw people into panic mode. I guess it brought our own mortality home to us more (even though lots of death happens all the time everyday!) I really got tired of the continuous refrain of how bad 2016 was in the echo chamber of social media though I understood it. It just seemed something people mindlessly said because they needed something to say and because they saw everyone else saying the same things. I guess that is how we collectively deal with things in this social media era.

In 2016 this world became a place where the most powerful man is going to be someone who doesn't come across as presidential or fit for the job at all in these unstable times. It's like the pendulum has fully swung from the optimistic headiness of Obama's first term all the way to other side, the dark side. That's just how it seems, metaphorically speaking. We are living in very interesting times indeed. I have not been able to really articulate what I think and feel about it all and I think that is why I haven't been blogging for the past few months. I have been avoiding expressing it all directly in this way. I don't believe in writer's block, I can write anytime I want but I just didn't want to.

I have been tweeting and facebooking though. I have been active on instagram and tumblr too. I have also been creating a lot of music. If I am very honest with myself my creative activity has been a coping strategy to deal with the way the world is. I internalised a lot of stuff and didn't really go crazy on social media. I resisted going into panic mode and just going with the trend of those proclaiming doom and the end of the world.

This year I just hope for continuous personal progression. I am just taking one day at a time. I do see a lot of good things on the horizon. I am going to still blog and this time my goal is one blog a month. Thank you for reading. May the road rise to meet your feet, may the wind always be at your back and my the sun always shine on your face.

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