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It's LIT yep it is LITERALLY LIT!

What an amazing couple of months I have had. First of all I just want to say I am so happy that Spring is here. Listen, I am not a winter person at all, I hate how it gets dark so quickly and even though it doesn't get THAT cold these days, I still can't stand it.

I did a 2 week tour and visited a lot of schools celebrating World Book Day. That meant travelling a lot of miles on lots of long train rides and sleeping in a few hotels. I found it ironic that I was doing such an intense tour with my book not being ready yet. I hit Banbury, Northampton, Norwich (where I did 2 days performing and running workshops in 6 schools. Very intense!), Wickford, Manchester, Stoneleigh, Ponders End and Hampton. I was really stretched but because I fed off the energy of amazing young people I met, I was able to maintain high energy and deliver. I will never forget this run ever. I was also firing new pieces off as well, I was going in! I performed a couple of new pieces including one where I tell a story backwards. It left a lot of them scratching their heads in Northampton hahaha.

I woke up after the tour with an email from my publisher telling me that I needed more poems and more stories for my book. I caught some inspiration and ended up writing 7 poems at a sitting with stories to go with them. This is a rare thing to happen by the way, I normally space my writing out. I sent them back and they loved it. After a lot of checking to see if all the spellings were correct as well as getting the cover art ready, I can tell you that I am now the proud author of a book that is ready to be released! I am so happy and can't wait for you to read it. "Rhythm And Poetry" my debut book of poems and short stories for young people in school will be out on April 24th and you will able to order it directly from my publisher who will deliver it to wherever you are. Even if you are not a young person in school this book is for you, it is a reflection on childhood and growing up from my point of view as a person who found love for poetry and lyrics via rap music and spoken word poetry.

In the midst of all this I have been in the studio a lot, it's like I can't keep myself away from recording. Even while touring I was recording lots of demos. One of them was this track "Backstage Banter" I just did it for the heck of it, it is not going to be on my new album or even an official single. By the way this whole track was created and mixed on my phone including the vocals. If I didn't tell you this I bet you would have never known.

I have completed my album but I am facing the challenge of deciding how many tracks to put on it. These days albums from big rap artists are getting longer like back in the day so I might be able to get away with squeezing a lot tracks on a deluxe version. I am trying to make sure I am happy with every track. The name of the album is "For Such A Time As This" and I will release it in the summer. It seems a track I made called "Aim High Stay Low" will be the lead off single, so keep your eyes and ears open!

I visited tower bridge and decided to go all the way to the top and walk on the glass walkway. I am not too fond of heights but I walked on it anyway. It was quite daunting to look down and see nothing but glass separating me from the road which was 110 feet below me. I kept thinking "I shouldn't be doing this, it is not right" This is how life is you know. When you do something new outside of your proverbial "comfort zone" it can be scary and you start telling yourself " I shouldn't be able to do this" or "I don't belong here" Anyway not to get too deep or anything I have to say being all the way up there taught me a lot about myself. You can check out some pics I took here

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I am thankful for the journey of 2017 so far, I am very aware that on the global stage a lot of mad things are happening, in fact around where I live someone got shot in the head and killed. I missed being close to it by an hour. When I arrived home I saw ambulances and police sealing off the scene with tape outside my house! A lot of things are going on but I am trying to stay calm and focused. I am trying to maintain my peace of mind. I am excited about things on the horizon. The possibilities are truly endless. It's lit! 


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