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Throwback to the future

I started this blog of mine in 2009. Prior to blogging here, I used to blog on Facebook. I used the notes feature there heavily back then. Before I used the Facebook notes feature, I used to blog on Myspace (even saying Myspace sounds so old school now lol!) In fact blogging on Myspace is where I really started writing in this long form way online. I shared personal stories just like I do here. I think if I am being really honest, I have stopped sharing as personally as I used to because I started feeling I was saying too much. It's really weird having random people coming up to you and recounting something very personal that you wrote in your blog haha.

We have crossed over into the second part of 2017. It has been a great year so far for me though it has been quite challenging. I honestly didn't think certain things that have happened would happen but that is life. Letdowns and disappointments happen. You have to roll with the punches and keep it moving. There is always a way forward. Let me just state for the record that great things have happened for me this year like the release of my book which you can now order directly from me via Paypal on my website: (I sign every book!)

I recently got back from a trip to Cyprus to perform and run workshops. It was a lovely time in such a beautiful country. I learnt so much about Cyprus. I didn't even realise it was so close to countries like Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel. I took my brand new book with me and sold every copy. I didn't even bring enough with me, I really underestimated the demand. To view a few pictures I took while out there go here

I also recently traveled all the way down to the south coast to Lymington. I had to leave home at 5am to get there. I went there to be part of the Wessex Lit festival. This is my second time there and it was amazing. I met so many amazing people and because I was returning as a published author it felt different. I honestly appreciate all these opportunities I get to just stand in front of young people and hopefully inspire them. To witness the positive affect my verses that I wrote all alone have is something that I can't even explain. One of the young people I met there asked me how come I am so confident, I am not gonna lie that question was unexpected and threw me off a little bit. It made me think on the journey it has taken to even be able to do this. I think confidence comes from experience and preparation. Confidence comes from discovering your abilities and taking steps to share what you have been blessed with. Confidence comes from believing in yourself and it can take time.

I made a return for the fourth year in a row to Luton Town Stadium to perform and run workshops there. Amar of Unleashing Potential and Raise Your Words once again brought me back to do what I do and I loved every minute of it. Even though I was still tired from my trip to Lymington the day before I found the energy to perform and deliver to the best of my ability. This video clip below is from when I first went there and did my thing over a period of 3 days.

Even though I thought I had finished recording my next album "For Such A Time As This" it appears I haven't because I want to add some new tracks I wrote. All this travelling has inspired me. I guess that is what travelling does. I am truly thankful and I anticipate more great things on the horizon.

I am gonna end this post how I began. I have been going back and reading blog entries from when I started this blog in 2009, it is amazing to read where my mind was at. I have come a long way, it is so humbling. I feel truly blessed and thankful. I used to write blogs about specific topics that have become hot topics in culture and music now. It's really interesting. I will get back to writing about specific topics soon. I think presently I just give you updates on my journeys and what I've been up to. That isn't a bad thing is it? ha!


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