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Do you like podcasts?

I really enjoy good podcasts. I have been thinking about what exactly I like about them. What I like is just someone who knows how to express their thoughts whether in a discussion with someone else or just sharing on their own.

I always felt doing podcasts was going to be a bigger thing than it previously was and now the hype in urban culture has reached peak levels. Some people believe that the bubble has burst and the hype will start fizzling out due to oversaturation.

I started my podcast in 2013 and at that time I had 2 radio shows. My plan was to take the interviews I was having on air and upload them to my soundcloud. I did that for a bit before I was notified that I was breaking rules that I didn't know existed. I guess I should have asked but I honestly thought it was ok.

After my experience in radio and my departure from that station which wasn't a pleasant exit, I didn't want to do radio again unless I was gonna get paid and have an opportunity to do commercial radio. I wasn't sure I was going to bring my podcast back but recently I just did that! So far I have done two episodes which can be listened to below:

Above is the return episode. In it I go into more detail about why I left radio. My two main topics were fake news and commentary on Lecrae's BET award acceptance speech. I talk about how an artist should be allowed to define him or herself as well as how artists grow and evolve.

Above is the latest episode. In this episode, I talk about projection (what in the world is projection?) and also I talk about the music business from the point of view of an independent artist. All the music you hear in the background are beats I made and will probably be part of an instrumental project that is coming in the future.

I think if I am honest with myself, I am bringing my podcast back because I miss doing radio. I would love to do radio again and doing this podcast I hope will keep me sharp. I will say though that recording a podcast and doing a live radio show are two different things. Live radio requires you are on your toes and really in the flow. I have prerecorded radio shows before and tried very hard to do them with the same energy a live show has, but I never feel I achieve the same feel. It's fun trying though!

By the way my favourite podcasts are:

Clock Radio Speakers
The Music Snobs
Off The Record
Runaway Jukebox
The RobCast
Brutally Honest

Google them and enjoy!

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