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Real Talk: This is the BEST breakdown about the current state of things in the music biz I've heard in a WHILE!

This is Young Guru speaking about the music business, he's a studio engineer and I know he's run studio sessions for Jay Z a lot because Jay Z has shouted him out so many times on tracks. You need to watch this video ESPECIALLY if you're an artist. This is REAL TALK right here!

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Anonymous said...

These days the simplicity of how easy it is to be famous is destroying the music business. refer to X factor, britain's got talent, big brother and so on. Being famous is not associated to hard work, talent and having actual skills that may or may not be seen on and off screen. Everybody seems to be caught up in the finished product that is presented, the dress, the fake magazine stories, coming up with controversial fake stories. Who actually wants to know about the exploitaion and does it really matter to them or are they caught up ijn the adrenaline rush of the idea that they could be famous, appear on big screen, look drop dead gorgeous with tones of make up an autotune, and fancy cars and interviews, people running allover for them, and in the midst of all this, they forget that they might come out the other end with nothing in their pockets and when all is said and done, they will be forgotten and their music tossed in the bins or found lingering in charity shops where even no one wants it for 0.5op. yes i have seen alot of it in charity shops.

I hope everyone really understands wht this video is trying to say ie, EXPLOITATION.

Coming from a non artist to wanna be artists and consumers who buy into the same image that is being explained in this video and are part of the problem if they believe and like it.

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