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I think we can all agree that being misunderstood sucks. In this internet age where people seem to have shorter attention spans than ever it seems you are more likely to be misunderstood.

People hardly take time to listen and reflect. They hardly take time to want to understand. I am guilty of this myself and I have had to catch myself and train my mind to observe and truly listen and ask questions when necessary to get clarity and not just assume that I "get it".

I am fully aware even this blog I am posting right now could be misunderstood. People think they are reading between the lines but read their own meaning into your words sometimes and assume they understand your intentions when they don't. It is just the way it is.

I am an M.C, a man of many words. I use words a lot, they are my tools. It has occurred to me that many of the verses I have recorded might not be digested by the listener or even heard by that many people. That's how it is. That's life. I make music primarily to get my feelings and thoughts out. Music is my therapy as I always say. I just give everyone a chance to hear my musings if what I do appeals to their personal taste.

So on my upcoming project out on August 13th I decided to cut out dropping a lot of verses. "Made 'Em On My Phone" is going to be mainly an instrumental project. I do sing here and there but there is not one full rap verse. I guess I wanted to do something different and let the beats speak.

I am glad I have found out how to make beats because now I can get my feelings out another way. The likelihood of being misunderstood will be reduced perhaps. Maybe it won't be. I don't know. We'll see how it goes. Hey no one might even care. I am just glad I can create music I like.

The next project I am working on where I will be back to rapping again will be called "Familiar Stranger" I hope to release it next year but for now, I am on a shhh kinda thing, lyrically speaking.

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